Up a fjord without a paddle

Icebergs & epic landscapes

The extraordinary beauty of wilderness is always something that inspires me. Growing up in a busy town in the London suburbs it wasn't something I ever experienced as a child. I didn't even get on an aeroplane until I was 18! Raw, undiluted geology has a magic and makes me feel very small in the world. Like most people I know who care about the environment I'm mindful of my impact on it and even though the scale of the landscape deep within the hidden fjords of Greenland takes your breath away, it's painful to think how we are slowly destroying our home and all the wildlife and ecosystems that live within it. 

Ice and icebergs in particular are one of the most spectacular elements of the natural world. With a vivid imagination you can see all sorts of shapes within them. On one particularly day of iceberg spotting I counted the Statue of Liberty, the Starship Enterprise and a Scandanavian church among their number. For me, they really come to life when the sun is low in the sky and textures are accentuated. Light, of course, and its direction is everything. 

It is hard to show scale in these images. But those icebergs are huge and the mountains with the glaciers beyond are even larger. If you are unmoved by such natural grandeur then you have a heart carved from stone. I'm really not one for emotion but drifting in a small ship with the world silent all about you, it's hard not to feel awestruck by the view. To give you some idea of scale, have a look for the people on the image below and those are only small icebergs in front of them!

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